Poly Boss

PB75 and PB110

Poly Boss was desgined and manufactured by rural people with a first hand knowledge of performing in a remote environment. The Poly Boss will help achieve in minutes with one person what previously took hours to achieve.

Driven by and economical hydraulic motor with freewheeling capabilities, the Poly Boss significantly reduces your time and physical effort previously required to handle polythene pipe, lay flat hose and cable kink free. It will even roll wire!


  • Purpose built heavy duty trailer
  • Rugged all terrain wheels and tyres
  • Hydraulic motor driven with freewheel capabilities
  • The PB75 can accommodate 40mm to 75mm poly pipe
  • The PB110 can accommodate 50mm to 110mm poly pipe
  • Adaptable for cable, lay flat hose and wire


  • Maximise your productivity
  • Reduce manual labour requirements
  • Reduce manual handling
  • Very safe for single person operation
  • Recover poly pipe back to factory size
  • Recovery, storage and re-use of poly pipe and cable made easy


  • PB75 - Powered or unpowered unit
  • PB75 and PB110 Diesel driven hydraulic power pack


Download specifications

Poly Boss Flyer





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