Introducing the BBR600HD - big brother to the BBR300S.

With a spool capacity of up to 150 meters of 110mm poly, the BBR600HD is the perfect partner for high flow rates. Coupled with a large genset and 4 or 6 inch submersible pump, you can now achieve higher flow rates while still benefiting from Bore Boss automated handling technology. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements.


  • Purpose built heavy duty 4.5 tonne trailer
  • Rugged all terrain wheels and tyres
  • Hydraulic motor driven with sensetive lever controls
  • Extended fuel tanks available
  • Can accommodate up to 110mm poly allowing you to achieve greater lps
  • Can accommodate 4 or 6 inch submersible pump allowing you to achieve greater lps.


  • Bore Boss automated handling technology
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Maximise productivity
  • Quick and easy deploy/retrieve of submersible pump, poly and cables
  • Reduced manual handling



We have a range of options to suit site specific or individual requirements. If you have safety or site specific options you need included, give us a call to discuss.


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