At Bore Boss Rentals we offer our customers a complete service*. Whether you need to deposit or retrive your submersible pump, roll or unroll poly pipe from 40mm up to and including 110mm we can carry out the job, wet hire or dry hire from start to finish.

Call today for competitive rates on wet and dry hire.

  • Plant hire is fully tax deductible for business uses; by projecting a better ratio of assets and liabilities, borrowing capacity is increased because hired equipment does not appear as a liability on a balance sheet.
  • Plant hire frees up money for more profitable uses; buying requires being tied down to owning costly equipment and allows the bank to hold you to ransom.
  • With no capital outlay you have immediate access to the right equipment that makes the most difficult task easy. You will benefit immediately from; safer work practices, greater productivity and cost savings on labour.
  • Plant hire means the right equipment matches the right job. Hiring ensures safety and efficiency and it will save you money by avoiding many hidden costs incurred through buying the wrong equipment.


              PB75                                                         BBR300S                                                          SB200S                                                  PB110

* Travel and other charges may apply.


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