From 40mm up to and including 110mm poly pipe we have a unit for you. There are 2 models of Poly Boss, the Poly Boss75 and the Poly Boss110.

The Poly Boss 75 will coil and de-coil the following sizes and lengths of polythene pipe on the unit at any one time.
  • 320 meters of 40mm
  • 275 meters of 50mm
  • 190 meters of 63mm
  • 115 meters of 75mm

The Poly Boss110 will coil and de-coil the following sizes and lengths of polythene pipe on the unit at any one time

  • 100 meters of 90 mm
  • 100 meters of 110mm

* Guides are approximate and based on PN16 blue stripe poly. The actual length of flexible pipe the unit will accommodate in a single loading may vary.

Around a 5Kva genset is sufficient to run the 2.2kw power pack on the Poly Boss and Service Boss.
The Poly Boss 75 specifications are as follows: 
  • Weight 530kg
  • Width 2.4mtrs
  • Length 3.6 mtrs
  • Height 1.1 mtrs
  • ATM 750kg

The Poly Boss110 specifications are as follows; 


Service Boss

Our standard Service Boss holds around 200 mtrs fo 50mm poly or 100 mtrs of 63mm poly with power and safety cable.
Yes because we are the designers and manufactuers we can customise our units to suit individual requirements.
  • The Service Boss is fabricated to be simply forked on and off quickly and efficiently.
  • The Service Boss must be fixed to a ute, truck or Bore Boss trailer using the chains and turnbuckles supplied by Bore Boss. This ensures the units safety and stablility during operation.
  • An auxiliary support leg supplied by Bore Boss must also be installed to your vehicles tow bar during operation to ensure the safety and stability of the unit.

Around a 5Kva generator is sufficient to run the 2.2kw power pack.

The Service Boss unit weighs approximately 352kg.


Bore Boss

The size of the generator required on a Bore Boss unit is dependant upon the expected water flow rate, standing water level and depth of bore. Therefore each unit is customised to suit individual applications.

The Bore Boss units can be supplied equipped or unequipped with poly pipe and pump.

In order to provide you with a quote on a Bore Boss unit we require the following information:

  • bore case size
  • expected flow rate
  • pressure or head required at top of bore
  • depth of bore
  • standing water level

There is a 12 month warranty on the steel manufactured components of the Bore Boss products. The hydraulic and generator components are covered under their own factory warranty.

Yes all of our products are proudly made in our Queensland factory to a very strict quality control standard. Our products also bear the "Australian Made" logo.


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